Episode 1: The Race Begins
40° 47' N 73° 58' W

Phil: "Well, in just a few minutes, you'll be leaving on a race that'll circle the globe. Along the way, you'll be required to complete a number of tasks. Now, some of these will be physically challenging; others will challenge your mind.

"Now listen carefully: There are eight elimination points in this race. The first one is going to be happening very soon. Now once you start, you need to complete your tasks as fast as you can, because the last team to get to the elimination point will be out of the race. Does everybody understand that?

"Okay. This is a travel pack. It contains all the information you need to get going, along with some cash. How you use the money is completely up to you, but remember, you won't be getting any more of it until you finish this leg of the race, so, if I can give you any advice, make sure you spend it wisely. Now, your travel packs are attached to the luggage you brought with you, which is at the top of these stairs. When I give you the word, you can go up there, open up your packets, and what you do after that is completely up to you.

"All right, everyone. The world is waiting for you. I want to wish all of you the best of luck. Travel safe.


Get yourselves to Johannesburg, South Africa. You may only travel on one of these three flights. Hurry: seats are first come, first served.

 make noise about getting where they're going first, and arrive at South African Air's desk, only to discover   got there ahead of them.
40° 39' N 73° 46' W
Flight 1: Alitalia 605, through Milan, leaves last

Flight 2: Swiss Air 101, through Zurich, leaves second

Flight 3: South African Air 403, direct, leaves first

26° 08' S 28° 14' E

Get yourselves to Lanseria Airport. Head to Ryan Lake Air. Seats are still first come, first served.

 make noise about getting where they're going first, and arrive at Lanseria Airport, only to discover   got there ahead of them.
17° 50' S 25° 42' E

Take one of the marked cars, and either drive yourselves, or hire the driver standing by your car. Keep an eye out for the smoke that thunders, as you walk the knife's edge.

17° 55' S 25° 51' E

More water flows over Victoria Falls than any other waterfall in the world, so get yourselves to dry land at Abseil Zambia at the top of Batoka Gorge.

 consult over a map, but neither of them knows Africa well, and thus the line is born, "That's Namibia. Jackass."
Locate the Boiling Pot. [At the bottom of the canyon at Victoria Falls.]
17° 56' S 25° 40' E
To travel by air, take a quick trip along the zip line, then a fast swing down to the bottom of the gorge.


To travel by land, take a long walk down the trail to the bottom of the gorge.

Good work, now drive yourselves to Songwe Village. The last team to check in will be out of the race.
 's Paul has a severe fear of heights and makes himself look more than a little wimpy balking at at doing the Detour.
  "Swing, you fat bastard, swing!"
17° 51' S 25° 48' E
1st place 11:23 am 7th place 5:50 pm (+ 6:27)
2nd place 11:37 am (+ 0:14) 8th place 6:24 pm (+ 7:01)
3rd place 12:05 pm (+ 0:42) 9th place 7:09 pm (+ 7:46)
4th place 1:52 pm (+ 2:39) 10th place 7:26 pm (+ 8:03)
5th place 3:35 pm (+ 4:22) 11th place Eliminated
6rd place 5:33 pm (+ 6:10)