Episode 12: Race to the Finish
39° 52' N 116° 54' E

Tiantan Park. Proceed to the X on the above map. Three kites have the same clue. Find one of them.

Hours of operation: 6:00 am - 8:00 pm.

39° 53' N 116° 54' E

Leave this temple of heaven and proceed to the Great Wall. You must travel by public bus, not tourist bus from downtown Beijing to Juyong Pass. Go to the lower level.

 hop three security fences at the Great Wall. In Communist China.
40° 20' N 116° 20' E
Walk a flat path to the far pavilion on your left.

Climb a steep hill to the close pavilion on your right.


You're expected at North Country Bed & Breakfast. Scotty Lake, Alaska (near Talkeetna)
62° 19' N 150° 18' W

Experience a Native Alaskan blanket toss. While in the air, look for your next clue. First come, first served.

Hours of operation: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm (Spend the night in this cabin if necessary.)

 only get this far when Episode 12 ends.
Using your 4x4, get to the Glacier Park Resort parking area at the base of Matanuska Glacier. When you get there, follow the flags to the base of the ice wall.
 find the right gate, but it has a "No Trespassing / Closed" sign on it. They keep going.
 find the right gate. They go back to a store and ask, and they are told to ignore the sign.
 ask at the same store and are set back on track.
61° 37' N 149° 07' W

This can be a slippery situation.

A professional climber will help you put on your gear and he'll brief you on technique and safety. Climb the ice wall to get your next clue.

Get to the parking lot at mile 131 on the Parks Highway, then hop on a snowmobile sleigh and ride to your next Pit Stop.
62° 39' N 150° 21' W
  1st place 4:17 pm
  3rd place 4:05 pm (+ 23:48)
 2nd place 5:03 pm (+ 0:46)