Episode 1: Real Fast! Quack, Quack!
47° 39' N 122° 20' W

Fly to Beijing, China. Once there, find the Gold House. You may only travel on one of these two flights: United Airlines, flight 875, departing at 1:22; Korean Air, flight 26, departing at 2:00. Hurry, seats are limited. Flights are first come, first served. You have $66 for this leg of the race.

You must park your car at Thrifty Parking.

 Phil's speech promises surprises for the teams.
    all have trouble getting their car started.
47° 27' N 122° 18' W
     try to return their cars as rentals, rather than going to the indicated parking lot.
  shoot their fellow contestants with squirt guns. In the airport. The guns get confiscated.
Flight 1: United 874, leaves first, delayed :22, arrives 8:27 pm


Flight 2: Korean 26, leaves second, arrives 9:00 pm


  's cab driver can't find the right restaurant.
39° 54' N 116° 24' E

Who's hungry to stay in the race?

Eat all the eyeballs in your fish head soup.

Take a taxi to the Forbidden City and find the Meridian Gate. The tab you pull will determine how early you will be released in the morning. Your first surprise is waiting there.
  's cab driver can't find his former seat of government.
39° 55' N 116° 23' E
7:00 am


7:15 am


7:30 am


Last Team

  are eliminated on the spot. Surprise!
  discover that Sarah's prosthesis is leaking hydraulic fluid.
Travel by motorbike to the junction of 14 Hou Hai and North Bank Road. Find the pedicab manager.
  have trouble directing their biker to the intersection.
39° 57' N 116° 23' E
Choose a pedicab and travel 1 mile to Run De Li Market. Pave a 45 ft² section of sidewalk to match the pattern shown.


Choose a pedicab and travel 2 miles to Beihai Park. Learn a sequence of Taiji Bailong moves and perform them in unison.


     don't notice that there are extra stones of a second color bordering the ones they're laying.
Take a taxi to the Pit Stop: Juyongguan. Scale the Great Wall of China to check in with Phil.
40° 20' N 116° 20' E
 1st place 9:04 am
7th place 10:02 am (+ 0:58)
2nd place 9:17 am (+ 0:13) 8th place 10:13 am (+ 1:09)
3rd place 9:22 am (+ 0:18) 9th place 10:19 am (+ 1:15)
4th place 9:36 am (+ 0:32) 10th place 10:29 am (+ 1:25)
5th place 9:51 am (+ 0:47)
 11th place
6th place 9:56 am (+ 0:52)
 12th place
Still eliminated

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