Episode 4: I Know Phil, Little Ol' Gorgeous Thing
 's Rob suffers from heat exhaustion during the Eat/Sleep/Mingle.
20° 49' N 105° 47' E

Take a taxi to Hanoi. Make your way to the southeast corner of Le Thai To Garden. Once there, listen for your next clue. You have 588,000₫ for this leg of the race. Pick up your Vietnamese dong from the man at the table.

 stop to listen to some crickets in their search for the clue.
21° 02' N 105° 51' E

"Attention racers! Here is your clue! Taxi across the Red River to Ben Xe Gia Lam. Then take a bus to Ben Xe Bai Chay. Then find the hydrofoil harbour."

  have the bright idea of getting their drivers to listen to the clue.
   try to follow Tyler & James, but they get separated at an intersection. They go back and change taxis. Rob erupts: "I'm through speaking to foreigners."
20° 57' N 107° 03' E

Who's got strong arms and legs?

Use an ascender to get yourself to the top of a 90-foot cliff.

  's Dustin cuts her leg on her way onto the boat.
 's Peter encourages Sarah to spit on another racer as he passes her up the cliff.
Travel by motorboat to Sung Sot Cave. Search inside for your next clue.
20° 51' N 107° 05' E
Ride a junk out to the buoy, and take the sampan. Row to a supply boat and pick up provisions and an invoice. Deliver the provisions to two addresses and bring the signed invoice back for your clue.


Ride a junk out to the buoy, and take the sampan. Row to an oyster farm and choose a line of submerged oyster baskets. Haul up all 30 baskets on the line and deliver them to the oyster farmer for your clue.


   are the only team that don't have trouble rowing their sampan.
   both end up going to the wrong Detour because they can't get their boat moving towards the one they wanted.
  's Peter says he wants to quit.
Take your junk to the next Pit Stop, Soi Sim Island.
  's junk forgets to hoist anchor.
  's clues get so drenched as to be unreadble, and they think they need to row to the Pit Stop. Not that they know where it is.
  's Tom can't row, so he just gets out and swims to tow it.
20° 51' N 107° 04' E
 1st place 1:47 pm
2 jet skis
5th place 2:49 pm (+ 1:02)
2nd place 2:17 pm (+ 0:30) 6th place 2:53 pm (+ 1:06)
3rd place 2:21 pm (+ 0:34) 7th place 3:46 pm (+ 1:59)
4th place 2:28 pm (+ 0:41)
 8th place

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