Episode 5: I Covered His Mouth, Oh My Gosh
20° 51' N 107° 04' E

Fly to Chennai, India. [Take a train to Hanoi, then go to a travel agency to buy your tickets, since it's illegal to buy them at the airport.] Don't worry. You're getting money for this leg of the race.

 's Peter offers to tell Lyn & Karlyn where the nearest travel agency to the Hanoi train station is. And then he walks away. And then he does it all again.
 tell him to just, you know, tell them where it is, instead of telling them that he'll tell them.
 pull out a fake cell phone and loudly play-act getting tickets to Chennai to make the other teams nervous.
 get so nervous they start asking around for a real cell phone to do what Erwin & Godwin were pretending to do. Dustin & Kandice piggyback on their call.
  get a much earlier flight than their alliance-mates.
  think they're screwed — they don't have time to go back to the travel agency — but they discover the loophole that if they already have tickets, they can be exchanged at the airport. They all make the early flight.
 tell Peter & Sarah and Dustin & Kandice about the early flight when they had the same bad flight their alliance-mates just switched from. Because the others asked politely.
 don't make the connecting flight to Chennai because it's booked full. They get a flight that gets them in 30 minutes behind everyone.
12° 37' N 80° 12' E
No.44, Old No.100, East Raja,
Mamallapuram - 603 104.
Kanchipuram District, Tamilnadu
Travel 9 miles and help wranglers transport a crocodile to a new pen.


Travel 200 yards and use coloured rice powder to duplicate a pattern on the ground.


 's Kimberly sees what she calls a "homeless cow" on the way to the crocodile task.
Travel by bus 40 miles back to Chennai. Take a taxi to the Karthik Driving School.
 miss a bus because Sarah's malfunctioning leg is slowing her down. Peter says that he'll have to throw the race because his personal philosophy doesn't allow him to find a way to accommodate Sarah's problem. He tells her to relax and have fun, and she tells him she's not having any fun with him around.
13° 02' N 80° 13' E
#3 & 4
81st Street, 16th Avenue
Ashok Nagar
Chennai - 600083

Who's the driving force behind this team?

Take a class and a driving test to get a real Indian driver's license.

  Instructor: Don't drink and drive at any moment.
Rob: Drink what?
Drive your instructor's car (and instructor) to the next Pit Stop...
13° 01' N 80° 16' E
 1st place 12:54 pm
2 home gyms
5th place 2:03 pm (+ 1:09)
2nd place 1:06 pm (+ 0:12) 6th place 3:37 pm (+ 2:43)
3rd place 1:42 pm (+ 0:48)
 7th place 6:04 pm (+ 5:10)
Marked for Elimination
4th place 1:53 pm (+ 0:59)  

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