Episode 6: Maybe Steven Seagal Will See Me...
13° 01' N 80° 16' E

[On cell phone:] Make your way to Kuwait City, and find the following location. [picture]
[Go to a travel agency to buy tickets, and when you arrive in Al-Kuwait, find a marked vehicle in the parking lot to drive.] You have $31 for this leg of the race.

 's Peter claims they need to get to Kuwait for a medical emergency for Sarah's leg.
 try to use their Miss America status to get better service.
  At the towers from the cell phone picture, teams take numbers, but don't know what for.
  get number 6 out of 7.
  get number 7. When other teams discuss going for the Fast Forward, they announce they're going for it, and David & Mary do too. They go back inside after it's inefficient for other teams to try to take it away from David & Mary.

Drive to the oil fields near the water towers. Put on protective gear and approach a simulated oil well fire to retrieve your FF clue from, oh, about six feet from the fire.

29° 23' N 48° 00' E

Who's strong in both mind and body?

Climb around the outside of the ball of the tower to retrieve a satchel of puzzle pieces. Get to the ground, find a puzzle frame, and solve the puzzle. The solution will give you the name of the street market—in Arabic—where your next clue is.

[Find the marked stall in the market.]
 try to ask the same locals to read their Arabic for them as Lyn & Karlyn asked.
 drag the local along with them, claiming him as theirs.
 convince one of them to accompany them.
 say that's not fair.
 get a badly-made map, and only find the souk because Peter spots a sign.
29° 22' N 47° 58' E
 get a badly-made map, and get lost. They stumble on a race arrow. (Yay!) For the Fast Forward. (Boo!) In the end, they arrive at a Detour location way past sundown and are sent directly to the mat.
Drive to a feed lot and fill ten 110-pound bags of camel food up to the line, and stack them safely on a pallet.

  not full enough   

Direct a robot-driven camel around a racetrack for one lap.


Drive yourselves to the next Pit Stop...
29° 18' N 47° 59' E
 1st place 12:37 pm
Trip to Jamaica
5th place 4:18 pm (+ 3:41)
2nd place 3:40 pm (+ 3:03) 6th place 4:55 pm (+ 4:18)
3rd place 3:53 pm (+ 3:16)
 7th place
4th place 4:10 pm (+ 3:33)  

 's Peter says that they're too strong-willed to be a couple, but they'll be great friends. Sarah dumps Peter on national television, saying he's not especially caring or compassionate.

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