Episode 7: I Wonder If This Will Make My Fingers Pickle
29° 18' N 47° 59' E

Fly to the island of Mauritius. [Once there, find a marked car and inside you'll find your next clue, a ship. When you find the real ship, swim out to it for your next clue.] You have American currency for this leg of the race.

 go through a couple of ticket agents, and have a hard time believing the best flight goes through far-away London, England.
 get in line behind Dustin & Kandice.
 get in line behind Lyn & Karlyn.
 say that Tyler & James are travelling with them and should get the same tickets they have.
 's Karlyn, member of an alliance with two other teams, gets in everyone's faces about fair play and says that you shouldn't be helping other teams like that. She even asks the ticket agent if he thinks that's fair, and says he can do it if he can live with himself afterwards.
 go way off track to find a hotel to ask at.
20° 01' S 57° 34' E

Drive yourselves to the Case Noyale post office.

 blocks traffic when he can't get his car in gear. Rather than dealing with the problem, he gets out of the car.
 hit the truck in front of them when traffic slows down suddenly.
20° 24' S 57° 22' E
Dig through three piles of salt to find a salt shaker containing your next clue. [There are useless pepper shakers in there too, but I guess you'll find that out.]


Take a boat to an island off Mauritius and use a treasure map to find your mast so you can sail back. [There's a trap at the masts too, but I guess you'll find that out.]


 wait a lot longer than the rest of their alliance-mates to switch tasks.
Drive yourselves to the next Pit Stop...
20° 30' S 57° 25' E
 1st place 3:00 pm
Pair of motorscooters
4th place 4:04 pm (+ 1:04)
2nd place 3:05 pm (+ 0:05) 5th place 4:05 pm (+ 1:05)
3rd place 3:09 pm (+ 0:09)
 6th place 4:08 pm (+ 1:08)
Marked for Elimination

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