Episode 8: He Can't Swim But He Can Eat Cow Lips
20° 30' S 57° 25' E

Fly to Antananarivo, Madagascar. Once there, find the Black Angel on Lac Anosy. [It's recently been painted white, but I guess you'll find that out.] You have $10 for this leg of the race.

 decide not to take the car whose front end they caved during the previous leg.
 end up with it.
 wind up stuck at the Intersection after Tyler & James and Rob & Kimberley get there first and team up.

Partake of another Amazing Race Local Delicacy: cow lips.

18° 55' S 47° 31' E
Travel 2.2 mi to an open market. Take eight mattresses per pair of teams, wrap them in mattress covers, and deliver them to the address given, on foot.


Travel 3.5 mi to an artist's shop and make 28 sheets of hand-crafted paper.

 nearly throw up multiple times eating their cow lips.
 give their address to a local so he can lead them, but he takes off without them.
 tie all eight mattresses together with their fanny packs and try to manoeuvre through traffic like that.
Make your way to Tohotohobato Ambondrona Analakely. Search for your next clue.

Note: Your teams are no longer joined. It's every team for themselves.

 's taxi runs out of gas and has to be pushed to a gas station.
18° 54' S 47° 32' E

Who can cut through the red tape?

Search the rubber stamp vendors on the steep steps in this area for four stamps that we made.

Join your teammate who has been driven to the Pit Stop...
 's Dustin's taxi runs out of gas.
 's Godwin's taxi runs out of gas.
 's Lyn's taxi runs out of gas.
18° 55' S 47° 32' E
 1st place 2:56 pm
Trip to Kona, Hawaii
 Arrived 5th 3:45 pm (+ 0:49)
Non-Elimination Penalty
 2nd place 3:08 pm (+ 0:12)
5th place 3:55 pm (+ 0:59)
 3rd place 3:14 pm (+ 0:18)
 6th place
4th place 3:24 pm (+ 0:28)  

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