Episode 9: Being Polite Sucks Sometimes
18° 55' S 47° 32' E

Fly to Helsinki, Finland. [You've been provided flights to Paris, which you may use, but obviously you must find your own flights the rest of the way. Once in Helsinki, find Kappeli coffeehouse and log onto one of the computers there for a message.] You have $265 for this leg of the race.

60° 10' N 24° 57' E
Etelšesplanadi 1
00130 Helsinki

Take a train and taxi over 125 miles to Soppeenharjun Koulu in Tampere and follow the marked path. Search the grounds to find your next clue.

 convince the line at the taxi stand to let them take the next taxi.
 Karlyn: "Forget the line. Let's jump."
I hope you can live with yourself afterwards, Karlyn.
61° 32' N 23° 36' E
Tornitie 1
33430 Vuorentausta
Ski 1 mi across warm summer mud.


Slog a 1 mi obstacle course through warm summer mud.


 's James smacks Tyler's backside during the section of the obstacle course where one person must carry the other.
Take a train to the city of Turku, then find marked cars and drive yourselves 78 mi to the city of Lohja, and find the Tytyrin Limestone Mine. Take a tram into the mine to find your next clue.
 drive into the mine itself after they get lost on the Tytyrin grounds.
60° 16' N 24° 04' E

Who's ready for a miner inconvenience?

Ride a bike down a sloping mineshaft 1 mi into the mine. Select a hunk of limestone from the marked pile, bring it back to the starting point, and use the provided tools to break your clue out of it.

Drive yourselves to the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki.
60° 11' N 24° 56' E
00250 Helsinki

Go to the top of the tower and perform a face-first rappel down its side.

To Be Continued

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