Episode 10: Lookin' Like a Blue-Haired Lady on a Sunday Drive
 are both scared of heights. In doing the rappel task from the end of the previous episode, Erwin gets himself turned around 180° so that instead of walking down the wall, he hits his head on it.
20° 51' N 107° 04' E

In 1986, the world's worst nuclear accident happened at Reactor 4 in Chernobyl. Fly to this country's capital city. [That's Kiev, in the Ukraine. You'll find your next clue in a marked car in the airport parking lot.] You have 65 additional dollars for this leg of the race.

 It's so late by now that all teams bunch waiting for flights in the morning.
50° 21' N 30° 54' E

Drive yourselves to the м.Остер. 169 танковий учбовий центр «Десна».

50° 57' N 30° 53' E

Who's ready to take command?

Navigate a Soviet T-16 tank through a 1.2 mi obstacle course. (There'll be splashing mud and simulated shell fire, but I guess you'll find that out.)

 's Tyler rides James pretty hard when he stalls his tank and gets beaten by Dustin.
Drive yourselves into the city of Kiev. Find [an apartment building] and knock on the door of apartment 33 to receive your next clue.
 run a red light to try to lose Tyler & James. They run it too.
 get fed up with Erwin & Godwin stopping for directions every five minutes and terminate their alliance with them, finally striking out on their own ten legs into the race.
50° 27' N 30° 31' E
Go to a dance club and perform a rap which includes the names of all the countries you've visited so far. You will be judged by an eminent Ukrainian rap star.


Find the Ukrainian National Music Academy. Inside, find our stack of sheet music, find a copy of Tchaikovsky's Concert Fantasy for Piano and Orchestra, and then find a pianist to play it for you.


Drive yourselves to the next Pit Stop....
 get lost enough that they drive through a closed street and get detained by police.
50° 26' N 30° 34' E
 1st place 7:33 pm
Trip to Puerto Vallarta
4th place 9:08 pm (+ 1:35)
2nd place 7:41 pm (+ 0:08)
 5th place
3rd place 8:19 pm (+ 0:46)  

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