Episode 13: Say Your Deepest Prayers Ever
41° 22' N 2° 09' E

Barcelona has a church that has been under construction for 124 years. Find it, and search the park behind it for your next clue. You have $___ for this leg of the race.

41° 24' N 2° 10' E


 get a flight into Charles de Gaulle Airport an hour or so ahead of any other flight. (On that airline. But they'll find that out.) On landing, they get told that the train is faster than a taxi because of traffic.
 get a flight into Orly Airport on another airline. The ticket agent tells them this airport is closer to the city than Charles de Gaulle. On landing, they get told that a taxi is faster than the train.
 settle for the later flight on Rob & Kimberly's carrier. On landing, they get told that the train is faster than a taxi because of traffic.
 arrive first.

48° 51' N 2° 18' E

Take a train to the city of Caen and find Caen Airport.

49° 11' N 0° 28' W

Who's ready to storm the beach?

Fly to 13,000 and tandem sky dive onto Omaha Beach. (Your partner will be in the plane too, and the plane will do a nose dive, but you'll find that out.) You'll meet your partner again at the Bayeux train station.

Make your way back to Paris and find Place de la Concorde. Search for your next clue.
48° 52' N 2° 19' E
Deliver a painting through the streets of Paris to an artist.

Use a pattern to cut, pin, and fit a jacket on a dress dummy.


Fly to your final destination city: New York. Make your way to the News Building and find the giant globe.
 get themselves on the standby list for the earliest flight the next day.
 plead with a manager to get onto the flight, no waiting list. He does it.
 try to use the information they gained getting into Paris about Orly Airport. Trouble is, Orly is not so much a trans-Atlantic airport. There are no flights out of that airport. They wait until the next morning to try to get on the waiting list.
 make it on.
 get a cab on the ground that has a pass card to go through the toll booths.
40° 45' N 73° 58' W

Make your way on foot [~2 miles] to the East Village and find the sculpture in the enclosed picture.

40° 44' N 73° 59' W

Convince a New York City cab driver to take you [56 miles] to Garrison, NY in Putnam County. Find St. Basil's Academy and run to the finish line.

  are seen hiring the first cab driver who stops.
41° 24' N 73° 56' W
 1st place
3rd place
2nd place  

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