Episode 1: I Told You Less Martinis and More Cardio
25° 37' N 80° 21' W

"Welcome back, everybody.

"In just a few minutes, you'll be leaving on your second race around the world, but first, take a moment to look at the fierce competitors around you. No one should take anyone else for granted. Some of you have done battle before. Some of you are friends; some of you are enemies.

"Now, as you know, at the end of each leg of the race there is a Pit Stop. Eight of these Pit Stops are elimination points, so you need to get to them as fast as you can because if you're last, you will be eliminated.

"When I give you the word, you can run over to your bags, read the clue on top of your backpacks, and jump into one of the cars outside the gate. What you do after that is completely up to you, but the first All-Star team to cross the finish line will win $1,000,000.

"Is everyobdy ready? The world is waiting for you. Good luck, travel safe. Go!"

Fly to Quito, Ecuador. [Once there get to Plaza de San Francisco. You have some random amount of money for this leg of the race.]

25° 48' N 80° 17' W
 purchase their tickets before asking which flight lands first. After they discover that they have the worse flight, they only tell Teri & Ian about the landing times, deliberately keeping it from Dustin & Kandice.
Flight 1: American Airlines
leaves later, arrives 7:50 pm

Flight 2: Copa Airlines
leaves earlier, arrives 9:45 pm

 's Drew takes a bad spill on his way out of the cab.
0° 13' S 78° 31' W

Find Pim's Restaurant. The manager has something for you. Note: take a number.

 on the competition: "We know Rob & Amber because, obviously, we live on this planet...."
0° 14' S 78° 31' W
Group 1: 7:00 am

Group 2: 7:15 am

Group 3: 7:30 am

Make your way to Cotopaxi National Park. [Choose a marked car from a nearby parking garage. Drive yourselves to Hacienda Yanahurca. You're really going to want the north entrance.]
 's Friendly Local takes them an hour away from the wrong entrance to the park.
 Drew: Peru is nice. It's beautiful out.
Kevin: I'm sure it's nice in Peru. We're in Ecuador.
 get a flat going over a rock, but don't stop to change it. They destroy the tire getting to the Detour.
0° 41' S 78° 17' W
Use traditional tools and assist the Chagras to trim one wild horse's hooves, mane and tail, then set the animal free.


Put on a military uniform. Search the field for a missing epaulet, button and sword to complete the uniform.

Make your way on foot to the next Pit Stop: Mirador Cotopaxi.
0° 41' S 78° 17' W
 1st place 7:42 pm
Trip to Whistler, BC
7th place 8:35 pm (+ 0:53)
2nd place 7:53 pm (+ 0:11) 8th place 8:50 pm (+ 1:08)
3rd place 8:17 pm (+ 0:35) 9th place 8:51 pm (+ 1:09)
4nd place 8:24 pm (+ 0:42) 10th place 9:44 pm (+ 2:02)
5rd place 8:25 pm (+ 0:43)
 11th place
6th place 8:34 pm (+ 0:52)  

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