Episode 2: Beauty Is Sometimes Skin Deep
 's Drew requires oxygen several times due to altitude sickness during the Eat/Sleep/Mingle.
0° 41' S 78° 17' W

Fly to Santiago, Chile. [Once there, take a taxi to the corporate headquarters of Codelco.] You have $187 for this leg of the race.

 get stuck in the wet road away from Haciendo Yanahurco.
 tow them out. They're friends!
 get stuck in the wet road away from Haciendo Yanahurco. Kevin, on foot, tows them out. Drew nearly runs him over and drags him through the fields.
 put their bags at the front of the plane.
 's Drew pulls them out and drops them on the floor while people are boarding the plane, saying, "These are not first class."
  independently get flights through Guayaquil and Lima that would allow them to get into Santiago 40 minutes ahead of everyone else. Their flight through Lima is delayed, and they don't make their connection. They end up 15 minutes behind all the other teams.
36° 50' S 174° 45' E

Who has an eye for detail?

Pay a visit to the boardroom on the ground floor. There are details in the room that will lead you to the "answer" you need. When you think you have the "answer", write it down and show it to the security guard in the lobby — if you are correct he will hand you your next clue.

[Search for letters on clothes, notepads and objects at the table. Rearrange most of those letters to spell one of the ten mine names on plaques under pictures on the walls. The one name that you can spell is the answer: Chuquicamata.]

 's Mary collaborates with Charla. (They're friends!) She says her answer out loud to the security guard.
 's Kevin overhears it while in line to deliver a wrong answer, then goes back for the spelling of the right answer. David is furious at him.
 's Amber finds a letter on a pen that both Oswald and Eric were missing. She hands over the information for free.
Fly to the town of Calama. Take a taxi to Chuquicamata.
 All ten teams end up on the same flight to Calama.
33° 26' S 70° 39' W
Properly install the washers and nuts on the bolts of one of the marked construction vehicles, then wrench them tight. If the foreman approves, he'll hand you your next clue.

Use a front-loader to cover a pole with gravel up past the yellow line. Each team member must dump a load at least once.

 cover their pole, but with Bill doing all the driving. Joe has to do an additional scoop to complete the Detour.
Drive yourselves to the next Pit Stop: The Valley of the Dead. [You will drive through the Valley of the Moon. In this valley, your speed limit is 40 km/h. Once you have left the Valley of the Moon, it's 50 km/h.]
 try taking their cab to who-knows-where to get to the marked cars.
 pay a taxi to lead them.
 are following them. When Charla & Mirna stop, they pull over with them to get directions from the cabbie so they can all get going.
 freak out and demand half the fare, or else they threaten to sit on the side of the road. When Dustin & Kandice decide it's more efficient to leave without help, they bolt. While the confused cabbie tries to figure this out, Charla & Mirna fall into last place.
 don't increase their speed from 40 km/h on leaving the Valley of the Moon and getting back on the highway. They complain about cheating when several teams pass them at the legal maximum speed.
 are passed by Charla & Mirna in the race to the Pit Stop. Mary is fed up. They're enemies!
     all follow each other down the same wrong turn.
 took the same wrong turn earlier, but ask and turn around.
 are the only ones who follow back to the correct road.
 find another cab to lead them the right way.
 , while bickering over whether Drew has any water left, accidentally drive between Mirna and the cab... still going 40 km/h instead of 50.
 's Mirna yells at Drew that he drives like a girl.
22° 55' S 68° 13' W
 1st place 7:42 pm
Two off-road motorcycles
6th place 8:35 pm (+ 0:53)
2nd place 7:53 pm (+ 0:11) 7th place 8:50 pm (+ 1:08)
3rd place 8:17 pm (+ 0:35) 8th place 8:51 pm (+ 1:09)
4nd place 8:24 pm (+ 0:42) 9th place 8:51 pm (+ 1:09)
5rd place 8:25 pm (+ 0:43)
 10th place
 In spite of the bunching over the flight to Calama, seven of the ten teams ended up in the same place they were in at the beginning of the leg.
 's Mary reveals at the mat that she's "dissatified", but won't tell Phil (in front of you-know-who) what she's dissatisfied about. Enemies, I tell you!
 's Drew walks away from the mat as he's being eliminated. Phil calls him back so he can do his job. Drew tells Phil that he's really unwell, from the fall, altitude sickness, and muscle pain from having to do all the driving.

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