Episode 3: I'm Sorry, I'm Wearing a Bathing Suit; It Is Very Weird, I Know
22° 55' S 68° 13' W

Drive yourselves to the town of San Pedro de Atacama and find its namesake church. You have $37 for this leg of the race.

 stop for directions to the church.
 see this and drive off ahead of them based on what parts of the directions they can see.
 get mad about this and Bill stands in front of their car to keep them from moving.
22° 55' S 68° 12' W

Fly to the city of Puerto Montt. [Once there, choose a marked car and drive yourselves to the town of Metri.]

 arrive at the airport to find all the ticket lines covered by Oswald & Danny, Joe & Bill and Eric & Danielle. They go off to book airline tickets for everyone at a hotel.
 are the only ones who provide their Amazing Race Production Credit Card's security code, so they are the only team besides Uchenna and Joyce who get an early flight. The next flight is an hour later.
 squeeze onto the earlier flight.
  try to get onto the earlier flight at their layover point in Santiago, but they get into an altercation when Charla & Mirna try to speak to the agent who's already helping Teri & Ian. Neither team gets in.
Flight 1: arrives 1:00 pm (5 minutes late)

Flight 2: arrives 1:45 pm (10 minutes early)

36° 50' S 174° 45' E

Who can handle a slippery situation?

Choose a breeding tank and transfer all 80 flatfish in it to the holding tank at the other end of the centre. Your clue is written on the bottom of the tank.

 's Danielle freaks out trying to grab the fish. Eric suggests she holds them in the tray with her boobs.
Find the sign for La Maquina along the river just before the town of Petrohué and search for your next clue.
 miss the part of the clue that mentions Petrohué.
 find them, set them straight, grab a local and drag him away from his job to direct them. They tell him, "Welcome to Charla and Mirna's world. It's a scary one."
 miss a sign directing them to Petrohué and get totally lost.
41° 09' S 72° 25' W
Walk across to La Roca. Then each of you, must complete a 40-foot rock climb and retrieve separate halves of your next clue.

Drive back approximately 2 miles to the riverbank of Rio Petrohué. Then, both of you raft a 2½-mile whitewater course to retrieve your next clue. Note: You will encounter Category III and IV rapids!


 find the whitewater rafting site before the Detour, so they do it.
 's Teri fall out of her raft, but she follows her captain's instructions, and holds on to the line on the side of the boat.
Drive yourselves to the next Pit Stop: Playa Petrohué.
 lose their car key in the changing tent.
41° 08' S 72° 24' W
 1st place 6:11 pm
Two home gyms
5th place 6:51 pm (+ 0:40)
2nd place 6:26 pm (+ 0:15) 6th place 6:53 pm (+ 0:42)
3rd place 6:28 pm (+ 0:17) 7th place 8:05 pm (+ 1:54)
 Arrived 4th
Did not pick up Detour clue
8th place 8:11 pm (+ 2:00)
4th place 6:48 pm (+ 0:37)
 9th place

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