Episode 4: No Babies on the Race!
41° 08' S 72° 24' W

Fly to the city of Punta Arenas, Chile. When you land, take a taxi to Lord Lonsdale's shipwreck [at Barco Viejo]. You have $302 for this leg of the race.

53° 11' S 70° 55' W
Use the town map provided to find the town square. There a sailor will provide you with a compass. Go due south from this point to find Nautilus Salvage. There you will receive your next clue.


Bring wood, tools and paint to an overlook. Use a posted map of Magellan's trip around the world to construct a signpost detailing his journey. Spelling counts.

 misspelled "Phillipeans"
 wrong starting point
 incorrect order, "Phillipeans"
 incorrect order, "Phillipeans"
 incorrect order

 get in a fight over carrying supplies.
Take a charter flight to Ushuaia, Argentina, and make your way to Playa Larga.
Charter 1: leaves 8:00 am the next day

Charter 2: leaves 11:00 am the next day

 arrive at the site and run off into the woods instead of through the little flagged gate to the beach.
 decide they need to follow them.
 realize their mistake, and turn around. As they pass Charla & Mirna, Amber pulls out an old clue and says, "Got it!"
 are delayed getting to the correct clue. They later accuse Rob & Amber of lying, rather than understanding that no one is under any obligation to help them.
54° 49' S 68° 13' W

Make your way to the post office at the End of the World on Isla Redonda. To get there, take a taxi to Tierra del Fuego National Park and find the end of the Pan American Highway. Once there, take a boat from Bahía Lapatia.

There are two boats. First come, first served. [Boats leave every 20 minutes, and can carry as many as two teams. Take a number.]

Ferry 1:

Ferry 2: + 1:00

Ferry 3: + 2:00

Ferry 4: + 2:20

Ferry 5: + 2:40

54° 52' S 68° 29' W

Who's good at sorting things out?

Search a full mailbag for one of two messages addressed to you as a team. Find your letter and read it to your teammate to receive your next clue.

 wrote to Oswald & Danny that they are either on the brink of elimination or days away from winning.
  wrote to Eric & Danielle that they are "way cooler than you two dorks will ever be."
 wrote to Teri & Ian that they never thought a retired couple could kick so much butt, and good luck.
 wrote a lot of gibberish that Bill had to read aloud to Joe, and wrote that he hoped reading it annoyed them as much as they annoyed Frank.
 wrote to Dustin & Kandice that they weren't going to be friends or anything, but they'd always have their memories.
 wrote to Uchenna & Joyce that they are cheering them on, and don't trust you-know-who.
 wrote to Charla & Mirna that they're sure they should be almost out of the race by now, and though they claim they can speak five languages, they can barely speak English.
 wrote to Rob & Amber, "Hopefully this letter finds you broke, lost, hungry and in last place."
Search the island on foot for the next Pit Stop, Mástil de ARA General Belgrano.
54° 52' S 68° 28' W
 1st place 12:02 pm
Trip to Maui
5th place 1:58 pm (+ 1:56)
2nd place 12:06 pm (+ 0:04) 6th place 2:38 pm (+ 2:36)
3rd place 1:04 pm (+ 1:02) 7th place 2:41 pm (+ 2:39)
4th place 1:55 pm (+ 1:53)
 8th place

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