Episode 5: You Need to Watch Your Jokes, Guy
54° 52' S 68° 28' W

Travel by taxi to Martial Glacier. [Travel by taxi to the base of the Martial Mountain Chain, ride a chair lift, pick up your equipment, and hike half a mile to the glacier.] Use the avalanche beacon to search the area for your buried clue. You have $72 for this leg of the race.

 Mirna: We're going to be an icicle before this day is over.
Charla: Yeah. We'll just be a popsicle. Somebody can just suck us.
  discuss their underwear while waiting in line. Teri & Ian are back to old, reliable paper underwear. No, Joe & Bill's aren't marked "Team Guido"; they're just garden-variety thongs, thank you.
 forget to pick up their gear before the hike.
 have trouble finding just one beacon signal to follow.
55° S 68° W

Fly to the city of Maputo, Mozambique. [Teams have been provided with crappy flights.] You are under no obligation to use the tickets to the connecting flights arriving at 3 pm. [Once there, choose a marked car and driver, and make your way 45 miles to the Apopo Training Field.]

 arrive at the same travel agency as Teri & Ian, and get roped into using their Spanish to negotiate both teams onto the earliest flight.
 push their driver to act like they're going to pass.
 speed up to keep ahead of them.
 laugh at Joe & Bill, then later pick on them for reacting.
24° S 35° E | Training base: Avenida da Revolucao, Inhambane

Who smells a rat?

Guide a trained rat to a buried clue over a deactivated land mine.

& Nelson   & Tupac
& Xena 
Travel by car to Praça dos Trabalhadores in Maputo and search for your next clue.
25° 58' S 32° 34' E
Find a nail-painting stall ½ mi away and earn approximately $1. [Normally, this is a job that men do.]


Travel 2 mi to a market. Fill ten 45-pound bags with coal by hand, sew them all shut, by hand, put one of them onto your shoulders and deliver it to the address provided[, uphill, both ways].


 paint a little girl's nails for free when they find out she doesn't have any money.
Travel by car to the next Pit Stop: Fortaleza.
 have trouble finding the address to deliver their coal.
25° 59' S 32° 34' E
 , covered in coal dust, run up to Phil and threaten to hug him. They chase him around the fort.
 1st place 9:07 am
Trip to Aruba
5th place 10:32 am (+ 1:25)
2nd place 9:47 am (+ 0:40) 6th place 10:33 am (+ 1:26)
3rd place 10:13 am (+ 1:06)
 7th place 10:36 pm (+ 1:29)
Marked for Elimination
4th place 10:18 am (+ 1:11)  

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