Episode 6: We're Going to Trade You For Food Now
25° 59' S 32° 34' E

Fly to the city of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. [Once there, travel by taxi 10 miles to the ferry terminal and catch one of four dhows to Zanzibar Island.] You have $124 for this leg of the race.

Made an early
flight to
then made flight
to Dar es Salaam:

Stuck not getting on standby for direct flight to Dar es Salaam, and then wound up having to go to Johannesburg anyway:


Went upstairs to make reservations at the South African Airways office, waitlisted first:


Stayed in line at the
SAA counter downstairs,
waitlisted second:


Arrived in Dar es Salaam:

Made the flight to Dar es Salaam:


Pulled off the plane
due to a booking error:

Still in Johannesburg:


First dhow departure
delayed due to weather:

First dhow
5:30 am:


Second dhow
8:30 am:


Made the early flight
the next day to Dar es Salaam:

Still in Jo'burg, a full day later:


 's Charla hurls over the side of the dhow.
 's Oswald puts a cold compress on her neck, which Charla refers to as "beauty tips", and Oswald refers to as "first aid".
  finally, at long last, at noon on the second day, catch a flight to Dar es Salaam.
6° 09' S 39° 11' E
Go 1/3 of a mile to a hotel and solve a jigsaw puzzle.


Travel 1 mile to a market, lift two 50-lb logs onto a cart, bring the cart and logs more than a mile to a dhow shipyard and deliver them[, all while patting your heads and rubbing your stomachs].

 take a while to realize that the puzzle pieces are painted on both sides.
Make your way to Kikungwi and search the village for your next clue.
 stop on the way to go shopping for fruit so they don't get dehydrated.
6° 17' S 39° 21' E

Who's on target?

Throw the Masai weapon known as a rungu to break [...oh, alright, or dislodge] a target and reveal a clue behind it.

Make your way to the next Pit Stop: Old Fort.
6° 10' S 39° 11' E
 1st place 4:20 pm
Two catamarans
4th place 8:00 pm (+ 3:40)
2nd place 4:28 pm (+ 0:08) 5th place 3:15 am (+ 10:55)
 Arrived 3rd 7:25 pm
Non-elimination penalty
6th place 7:01 am (+ 14:41)
3rd place 7:55 pm (+ 3:35)
 7th place

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