Episode 7: If I Were in Town I Would Ask for Your Number
6° 10' S 39° 11' E

Make your way to Warsaw, Poland. Once there, travel to Czapski Palace and find "Chopin" playing the piano. [Flights from small islands in Southern Africa to cities in Eastern Europe are rare, FYI, so teams have been provided with craptacular flights, just in case.] You have $121 for this leg of the race.

 Dustin: We're going to get to see "Chopin" playing piano!
Kandice: For real?
Dustin: Well, he's dead....
 call the travel agency that Charla & Mirna, Oswald & Danny and Dustin & Kandice are physically at. They convince the agent to hang up on them.
 snag the last two seats on an early flight through Addis Ababa.
 get through at the South African Airways office through Johannesburg, but they have to pick up tickets when they arrive in Frankfurt.
 arrive at That Travel Agency. Everyone tells them they've been looking for seven solid hours. Eric suggests they try another travel agency. Danielle insists there can't be another travel agnecy and doesn't want to leave. They fight, but they go.
  finally get a flight just behind the others' through Nairobi.
 give up after searching at a second travel agency after less than an hour.
  's provided flight to Kilimanjaro is late getting in, and they fight to make their connection on a plane that has already boarded, but which is sitting on the tarmac right in front of them. Joe wigs out and tries to flag the plane down by yelling and ringing a little bell at it. It doesn't work.
 don't make their connection in Frankfurt.
52° 14' N 21° 01' E
Travel ½ mile and pick up a mannequin. Carry it 400 yards into a medical lab and use an X-ray machine to find your clue message inside.

Travel ¾ mile to a conservatory and use the tools provided to tune the one wrong key on a grand piano. A musician will play a Chopin piece to check your work.

  *toing*  *toing!*   

 overtighten and break the string they're supposed to fix. Twice.
 Ditto, once.
52° 13' N 21° 02' E

Secret Roadblock. Shhh.

Search the area on foot for the next Pit Stop.
52° 13' N 21° 02' E
 wind up arriving at the Pit Stop the better part of a day after the lead teams.
 1st place 10:54 am
Trip to Puerto Rico
4th place 4:50 pm (+ 5:56)
2nd place 1:06 pm (+ 2:12) 5th place 1:50 am (+ 14:56)
3rd place 2:26 pm (+ 3:32)
 6th place 3:32 am (+ 16:38)
Marked for Elimination

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