Episode 7: If I Were in Town I Would Ask for Your Number
6° 10' S 39° 11' E

Travel to the concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau. There are two charter buses with two different departure times. First come, first served. You have $233 for this leg of the race.

Charter bus 1: 1:00 pm


Charter bus 2: 5:00 pm


50° 02' N 19° 11' E

During the reign of Adolf Hitler, over one million people were exterminated at Auschwitz, more than any other concentration camp. It remains standing as a tribute to the people who perished within its walls and to man's ultimate triumph over evil.

Take a traditional memorial candle from the table. Proceed to the railroad tracks and light it. Once you've observed a moment of silence, the guide will hand you your next clue.

Travel by taxi [40 miles] to Krakow and find the Juliusz Slowacki Theatre.
 wind up stuck at the Intersection for four hours, waiting for the other bus to arrive, which is plenty of time to think about who they hope they get paired with: Joe & Bill, or anyone but Charla & Mirna. In the end they take whoever gets there first instead of hiding out.
47° 30' N 19° 02' E

Count the total number of steps in the Fire Guard Tower of St. Mary's Church and the Town Hall Tower.

50° 04' N 19° 57' E
Travel 1½ mi to a butcher shop. Each team member must make a 3-inch kielbasa, then each team member must eat 2 ft of kielbasa.


Travel to the Jewish Quarter and roll out 20 bagels, and then deliver fresh bagels ¼ mi away.

 's Dustin yarfs her sausage into a bucket.
 Eric: Ladies and gentlemen, Miss California!
 's Charla put the handle of a bread knife down her throat so she can keep going, while everyone else who's still eating crams their fingers into their ears.
Drive yourselves [20+ miles] to the town of Skała. Then, find the castle grounds of Pieskowa Skała and search for your next clue.

Note: Your teams are no longer Intersectioned [sic]. It's every team for themselves.

 's Mirna hassles the taxi driver she's following to the point that he very nearly abandons her.
50° 15' N 19° 47' E

Who wants to be a knight in shining armor?

Put on a suit of armor and lead a horse to the castle. Hand the reins over to the stable boy to receive your next clue.

 's Charla accidentally leads her horse in circles around her because she walks slower than the horse does.
Enter the courtyard to check in at the next Pit Stop.
50° 15' N 19° 47' E
 give up first place and the prize to Uchenna & Joyce when they hear there's no ties allowed.
 1st place 9:48 pm
Trip to St. Lucia
 Arrived 5th 3:21 am
Non-Elimination Penalty
 "1st place" [9:49 pm] (+ 0:01)
5th place 3:22 am (+ 5:34)
3rd place 2:52 am (+ 5:04)
 6th place
4th place 3:16 am (+ 5:28)  

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