Episode 8: The Way You Look, Yeah
3° 14' N 101° 40' E

Fly to the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. [Once there, take a train and a bus to Batu Caves. Which train and bus? Not telling.] You have $131 for this leg of the race.

 go to the concierge desk of their hotel and hear about a flight through Frankfurt. They are told it's a one-hour connection. Joyce doesn't like that it's so tight. They book it anyway.
 go back to their room in their hotel to call a travel agent and hear about a flight through Frankfurt. They are told it's a one-hour connection. Oswald doesn't like that it's so tight. They instead choose a flight that gets them into KL 35 minutes later through Paris.
 use both the computers at the hotel to get information on flight.
 come in and ask to use one, and Charla & Mirna say no.
 are working the airport just behind Dustin & Kandice in line.
 come in and ask to butt in for a quick question, and Eric & Danielle say, fair's fair, so no.
 's flight through Vienna gets them into KL three hours ahead of the pack.
 take a faster train through Sentul than the train through Putra everyone else is using.
 are advised to get off at Market Square and take a bus, which puts them ahead of Eric & Danielle.
 don't make their tight connection, and this is the last we hear of them.
50° 15' N 19° 47' E

Travel by taxi to the Kampung Baru Mosque and search the nearby streets for the next clue.

Caution: Yield ahead!

yielded, courtesy of .
3° 10' N 101° 42' E
Make your way on foot 1/3 of a mile to a workshop where you'll duplicate any one of three batik fabrics with a stamp.

 16 columns  

Make your way on foot ½ mile to a cookie stall, choose a table and search through 600 boxes containing 30 cookies each, for one cookie with a licorice centre.


 burn off their entire three-hour lead biting cookies.
 argue over whether the Cookie Confection task is 600-box-crazy or 18,000-cookie-crazy.
Travel to the neighborhood of Taman Sri Hartamas and find a newspaper truck.
3° 10' N 101° 49' E

Who's ready for a part-time job?

Choose a bicycle and sidecar. Search the neighbourhood for people willing to donate or sell old newspapers for recycling. When the stack on your sidecar is 8 hands high [~6 ft], you'll receive your next clue.

 's Oswald asks Danny to do the roadblock because he doesn't care for bicycles.
Danny: Haaaaaaaaaaaating yooooooooooooooou....
 's Danielle bends her bicycle wheel crashing into a fire hydrant.
 's Danny spends almost all their remaining money buying old papers from a gas station convenience store because the pretty blondes took them all from the houses. He also gets a lemonade from a homeowner.
 's Oswald hears that Danny spent money on food while he was waiting and worrying. He declares them even.
Travel by taxi to the next Pit Stop: Carcosa Seri Negara.
3° 04' N 101° 41' E
 1st place 12:28 pm
Two retroscooters
4th place 2:19 pm (+ 1:49)
2nd place 1:29 pm (+ 1:01)
 5th place
3rd place 1:50 pm (+ 1:22)  

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