Episode 9: We Are Trying to Make Love, Not War
3° 04' N 101° 41' E

Fly to the city of Hong Kong. [Once there, take a taxi to Sun Wah Kiu Dry Cleaning and Laundry.] You have $88 for this leg of the race.

  hit a hotel and try to get themselves a flight. All early flights are booked, and the only way to get on standby is at the airport.
  go straight to the airport and ask about early flights. Everything's closed, so they sit at the Malaysian Air counter and wait for it to open at 4:00 am.
  go straight to the airport and ask about getting onto the Internet. They get on the same elevator as Dustin & Kandice, and the glass walls frost over during the ride.
  arrive at the airport and find out about office hours. When they see Dustin & Kandice parked at Malaysian Air, they decide instead to sit outside Malaysian Air's offices. They're open when they get there. They get on the waiting list with a confirmation code, ahead of Dustin & Kandice.
  arrive at the airport, but only ask about opening hours for the earlier departure, China Air. They open at 5:00 am, and they head off to look for them.
  get themselves on Malaysia's waiting list, but are told the chances are slim. They go off to China Air's counter.
  continue prowling through the employees-only section of the airport and go to China Air's office at 4:30 am.
  get to China Air's offices next and see Oswald & Danny. When the attendant arrives, he tells everyone to wait for him at the counter, but the racers push their way in. They get themselves first and second on the China Air standby list for the earliest flight.
  promise to give Charla & Mirna their confirmation code for Malaysia Air's flight if they don't need it.
  start working over the attendant from China Air's offices, saying they'd waited at their counter for an hour and a half.
  get nervous about switching places, and they go up to talk to everyone at the counter and explain that they'd been waiting outside the offices just as long. Dustin concedes that there were two lines, then.
 get on China Air's first flight when one pair of seats opens up. They do give their code to Charla & Mirna.
 go off to get money changed after they don't get on the China Air flight.
 get to the Malaysia Air counter just ahead of Dustin & Kandice and give the code to the next poor counter attendant.
 argue that although they have the code, it's not Charla & Mirna's names on the list, and so they shouldn't be on standby at all.
 Mirna: They're first in line and they're trying to cut in front of us.
 get bumped ahead of "Oswald & Danny".
 miss the whole thing, stay stuck at third on the waiting list, and don't even get to change their Polish money. They take a third, later flight that connects through Vietnam.
Flight 1: China Air
arrives 11:55 am

Flight 2: Malaysia Air
arrives 12:55 pm

Flight 3: Malaysia Air
arrives 3:20 pm

22° N 114° E
 switch Detours back and forth in their cab, delaying them.
Travel 5 miles. Climb a bamboo scaffloding up the outside of a eleven-story building while fake and cheesy stunt fighters do their thing all around you.

Travel 4 miles to a given neighbourhood and find one sign in Chinese as depicted in the accompanying photograph. At that location, you'll find your next clue.

Take a Star Ferry to Hong Kong Island. Then travel by taxi to the Old Police Headquarters.
 give too much confusing information to their taxi driver, and get driven to the Star Ferry terminal on Hong Kong Island, and only discover the error in the ferry back. They take the ferry back to complete the instructions.
47° 30' N 19° 02' E

Participate in a car stunt on a Hong Kong action movie set.

 use up their last dime on a toll getting to the Pit Stop.
22° 17' N 114° 07' E

Who's ready to break down barriers?

Kick down doors in the building until you locate one that contains a clue.

Drive yourselves 5 miles to Victoria Park.
 's Eric gets them lost when he refuses to ask for directions.
22° 17' N 114° 11' E

Pull a model junk across the pool without tipping it over.

Drive yourselves to the next Pit Stop....
 's Eric gets them lost after he does ask for directions. Eventually they have to follow a cab on low funds.
22° 16' N 114° 11' E
 1st place 3:41 pm
Trip to Hong Kong for Chinese New Year
3rd place 7:06 pm (+ 3:25)
2nd place 5:23 pm (+ 1:42)
 4th place 9:31 pm (+ 4:50)
Marked for Elimination

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