Episode 10: Good Doing Business With You
22° 16' N 114° 11' E

Travel by turbojet ferry to the city of Macau. [Once there, find a man with a rickshaw. He will hand you your next clue.] You have $73 for this leg of the race.

 spend most of that $73 dollars on the turbojet ferry.
22° 12' N 113° 34' E

Travel by taxi to the tallest structure in Macau. Caution: Yield Ahead!

 are still sweating their lack of funds. After they get to the tower, they joke about Yielding Dustin & Kandice, then suggest to Dustin & Kandice that they could use their Yield on a team of the Beauty Queens' choice.
 agree, and pay up.
 Oswald, fumbling with the sticker: How do you do this?
 Kandice: Let us show you.
yielded, courtesy of .
22° 11' N 113° 32' E

[Who's ready to crap their pants? (Stay classy, Kandice!)]

Step out of the building and walk once around the outer rim of the observation deck, then jump off and fall 660' to the ground.

Travel by taxi to Lou Lim Ioc Garden and search for your next clue.
22° 12' N 113° 33' E
Travel 2− miles. Choose a noodle-making station and use your body weight to flatten dough, and chop it into noodles. Do this properly to receive your next clue.

 too wide  too wide

Travel 1− mile. Choose a dragon head and a drum and walk the streets of Macau ¾ mile, navigating to the harbour. Attach your dragon head to a dragon boat and hand over the drum to receive your next clue.

 choose this task because of the dragon-carrying Detour from their season.
Travel by taxi to the street indicated. Find the Mini-Moke to receive your next clue.
 's Mirna runs her car up onto a curb and blocks a bus, which starts honking at them.
Drive yourselves to the island of Taipa and find your next Pit Stop.
22° 10' N 113° 33' E
 1st place 2:15 pm
Pair of Waverunners
3rd place 3:06 pm (+ 0:51)
 Arrive 2nd
Elimination Penalty incurred
 4th place 4:37 pm (+ 2:22)
Marked for Elimination
2nd place 2:50 pm (+ 0:35)

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