Episode 11: Oh My God, the Teletubbies Go to War
22° 10' N 113° 33' E

Fly to the island of Guam. (Once there, drive yourselves to Andersen Air Force Base. Choose a military escort to drive you to the air traffic control tower. Climb to the top to receive your next clue. You have an amount of money for this leg of the race, but it's classified.

 's Charla says she hasn't seen Dustin & Kandice use the Internet to research flights. Mirna reports this to another team as, "Charla says they don't know how to use the Internet."
 miss the early flight to Tokyo, and are stuck making the connection there in 45 minutes to catch the others. They just make it.
22° 12' N 113° 33' E
Choose a loading station. Fill a box with 500 lbs of supplies. Once you have 500 lbs, board a C-17 cargo plane and watch the Air Force drop your box as a training exercise.

Choose an engine pod on a B-52 bomber. Scour the pod and the wingflap behind it clean. Once the maintenance officer is satisfied with your work, he'll hand you your next clue.


 Charla: "We decided to do the humanitarian Detour because I like to help people in need."
 get chastised by the officer during their box loading to "put it in with some degree of love" and "don't just throw it like it's garbage."
Drive yourselves to the US Naval Base Guam and find your next clue. [Same deal: pick an escort, since you people can't be trusted not to go places where you shouldn't be, and the escort will drive you in.]
 get lost looking for the base.
13° 26' N 144° 38' E

Who's ready to search far and wide?

Use a GPS device to locate a search-and-rescue training officer in the jungle. He will give you more data, sending you to a landing zone. Use a radio and a smoke grenade to signal your position to Knight Rider and get airlifted back to your teammate.

 's Charla's device keep throwing up error messages because she keeps pushing buttons and touching the screen.
Drive yourselves to the next Pit Stop...
13° 18' N 144° 40' E
 1st place 11:53 am
Pair of ATVs
3rd place 1:29 pm (+ 1:36)
2nd place 12:55 pm (+ 1:02)
 4th place

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