Episode 12: Low to the Ground, That's My Technique
13° 18' N 144° 40' E

Make your way to Honolulu, Hawaii. (Once there, get to Kamaka Air and sign up for a helicopter slight to Lanai. Once you land, choose a jeep and drive yourselves to Kaumalapau Harbor.) You have $201 for this leg of the race.

 get to the airport first and ask at the first desk they see, and find out about a flight through Tokyo. They book it.
 get to the airport next and ask at the first desk they see, and find out about a flight through Tokyo. They book it.
 look over the screens in Tokyo and find an earlier flight on another airline. They beg to get on it and make it.
  pace up and down the aisle of their plane, freaked out that Charla & Mirna aren't on board.
Helicopter 1: 9:00 am

Helicopter 2: 9:10 am

Helicopter 3: 9:20 am

20° 47' N 157° 00' W
Swim into an underwater cave to retrieve your clue.

Paddle yourself to a clue on a buoy, standing on a surfboard.


Hang tight.
20° 47' N 157° 00' W


Make your way to Shipwreck Beach and find your next clue.
20° 55' N 156° 55' W

Choose a kayak. make your way to the buoy in front of the freighter to retrieve your next clue.

 All teams exhaust themselves fighting the current between the freighter and the shore.
 have their first actual fight after friction over whether to paddle the kayak or walk on the ocean floor. They actually use that psychobabble stuff to resolve it.
Make your way to your final destination city, San Francisco. (Make your way to the Grateful Dead House. Once there, you will find a clue directing you to the Old Mint.)
37° 47' N 122° 24' W

One of you must enter the vault and select four teams based on:

  • who is least trustworthy?
  • who has the best sense of humour?
  • who is most overrated?
  • who do you most want to stay in touch with?

Enter your answers as a four-digit combination to a safe. This team member must leave. If the other team member can open the safe within 10 minutes, the team can leave early with the clue inside. Otherwise you've eaten 10 minutes and you'll be handed a clue.

Make your way to the main entrance of the San Francisco Botanical Garden. Run to the Finish Line. This is it gogogo!!!!!
  make further guesses, but their time expires before they find the right combination.
37° 46' N 122° 28' W
 1st place
3rd place
2nd place  

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