Charla & Mirna
Charla & Mirna
Team Misery Through Adversity
Armenian-descended lawyer and her little person cousin.

Mirna has taken classes to remove her accent, but that went all to hell whenever she was stressed, or spoke to anyone from a foreign country, which was all the time. So basically these two were exactly the same.

Their basic strategy was to panic about everything, cry when things didn't go their way and take any slight amoral advantage they could get, while acting the epitome of ethical purity whenever they were the victim of the same treatment.
After bunching on the flight to the final destination city, they were slow getting to the last task, and then used the full time available to finish it, allowing Danielle to slip past them.
Innocently asking Rob & Amber, "Why'd you lie?" when they misdirected them in Tierra del Fuego, then condemning Rob & Amber for it. Lying to the remaining teams about being on the same plane to Hawaii as them to gain a psychological edge. Passing David & Mary and cheesing them off. Telling Drew he drives like a girl. The altercation with Dustin & Kandice over share the fare of a cab that the BQ's wisely bail on, and leaves Charla & Mirna to sit by the side of the road until they're last. Charla's inability to keep her mitts off the GPS device's screen. "Welcome to Charla & Mirna's world. It's a scary one."
They were the same mix of bonkers and brutal that they were the first time around, which made them exactly the kind of ineffectual villains we wanted to see on this race. If they'd only left earlier, it would have been perfect.

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