Dustin & Kandice
Dustin & Kandice
Team Pretty Girls
Former Miss California and Miss New York, fresh off their last race, so they didn't have much time for anything about them to change. Bless them.
Their pageant experience still meant they were about the only team (save Rob & Amber) who understood that you can like a team, you can be friendly with a team, and you can work together with another team when it gets you both an advantage, and you can also work against another team when that gives you an advantage, and there's nothing wrong with that in the context of a game.
After bunching on the flight to the final destination city, they were first getting to the last task, but they used the full time available to finish it, allowing Danielle to slip past them.
Conversations about dead Chopin. Showing Oswald & Danny how to Yield someone. Making a beauty queen sandwich out of Mirna. Doing whitewater rafting too soon. Getting stuck at the Intersection, again. Having a perfectly well-behaved argument after the gruelling paddling task in Hawaii.
Yes. And they should have won, too, dammit.

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