David & Mary
David & Mary
Team Economic Diversity
Fan favourite coal miner and wife from Kentucky from the previous race. They charmed viewers, and their style was to ally themselves with a few other teams.

At the beginning of the race, they said they'd be abandoning that strategy, because they understood it wasn't going to fly with these teams. But they sort of regressed.

They didn't really have time to enjoy their fame or fallout from the last race, since the airing of that race and the running of this one overlapped.
During a leg where no one was looking much like they'd done this before, and everyone was making dumb navigational errors, they made one more than everyone else.
Lying to Dustin & Kandice at the first airport counter. Towing out Charla & Mirna, and their emotional turnaround when they get passed later on. David being afraid of flatfish, and Mary's continued pronouncements of doom on going on the water when faced with whitewater rafting.
They're nice and all, but isn't there some other favourite team whom you would rather have seen? We sure could think of a few. We're dissatisfied. That's all we're going to say.

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