Eric & Danielle
Eric & Danielle
Team Should We Be Together No We Really Shouldn't
Jeremy's partner and Dani's partner from Season 10. They "fell in love" on the race and were dating. A year later they got the call to be All-Stars.
Did you see them kiss, once? Did they call each other "babe", as couple on this show are contractually obligated to do? Our suspicion is that the whole dating thing was long since over, but for a second shot at a million, they were a couple team of convenience. And that sucks a lot.
The only thing that sucked more was that they won. And the only reason that happened was because of their shared bitterness against Oswald & Danny in the gossipy, mean-spirited final task of this mess of a season.
Danielle using her boobs to hold down fish. Eric introducing Miss California in Poland. Eric crossing swords with Joe & Bill, and getting up their nose because they can. Eric calling Dustin & Kandice "dirty hookers" for Yielding his team. Being asked to please leave the plane. Putting the final nail in Joe & Bill's coffin.
Each of these two was racing with a partner that they'd long since decided they didn't like very much. They should never have been on the show.

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