Joe & Bill
Joe & Bill
Team Gay Pride
Long-term gay couple from Season 1, still sans namesake chihuahua.

Not much of note has changed for them since their previous appearance.

Still gay.
The screw-up that knocked out Teri & Ian pulled Joe & Bill down with them. They were given a stay of execution with a non-elimination, but the 30-minute penalty that went with it, coupled with a poorly thought-out Intersection meant that a predatory Eric & Danielle didn't need to hurry through the Krakow leg — they just had to be the last pair of teams: even if they arrived last, Joe & Bill's penalty would make them last-er. It worked, and may have led to the removal of both Intersections and being Marked for Elimination from the race.
Petty revenge tactics and non-bickering with Eric & Danielle. Joe trying to flag down a plane.
Joe & Bill clearly watched themselves on their original season and didn't like what they saw. They tried very hard not to be villains this time out, twitching madly back and forth between wanting to confront teams that were messing with them and backing down immediately. It was just weird to watch. They've lost their touch.

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