John Vito & Jill
John Vito & Jill
Team Functional
Fun tough team from Season 3, who've broken up in the interim. Jill was open to something happening again, though.

When the topic of the All-Stars came up, it is this team that I always mentioned as the team that I didn't think would ever be an All-Star team, but who deserved to be. And so of course they were and they were out first.

They were Team Functional before, and even in this race, they were equally well-behaved now.
An Unfriendly Local directed them way off-course, and then they went to the wrong end of a huge national park, delaying them by a lot.
Mostly them driving the wrong way. With so many strong personalities, they didn't get much screen time.
I don't care! They were, they were! Lalalalalalalala, not listening!

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