Oswald & Danny
Oswald & Danny
Team Hunky Guys
Classy Cubanos who charmed their way through the race the first time.

They'd fought and stopped talking to each other between that race and this one, but they made up.

We have two gay teams this time out, and given the choice of bumping either these two or Joe & Bill into this spot....
They got lost on Guam, and physically tough challenges kept everyone about evenly paced. They didn't need the non-elimination penalty to polish them off.
Trying to get a hug from Phil. Commenting on Rob & Amber's place in the celebrity pantheon. Fighting over the cookie Detour, and then the bicycle RoadBlock. Oswald's "beauty tips". Snapping piano strings. Selling their Yield.
Our love for them wavered a little when they sold their Yield, but an All-Star race wouldn't have been the same without them.

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