Rob & Amber
Rob & Amber
Team Fame Whore
Ultra-competitive example of a romance from a reality show actually working out long-term. They're shameless self-promoters, and they've turned being on television into a cottage industry.

Even against veterans, they were able to rile people and throw them off their game.

This means they've been on Survivor twice each, and The Amazing Race twice. Plus they had their wedding televised. If they take cameras into the delivery room, we're done.
Any good luck and good energy they'd had during the first legs ran completely dry as they slid to the back of the pack and stayed there. They had trouble with a Magellanic Detour, when either spelling or something else (depending on who you believe) kept them from completing their first choice, their research delayed them completing their second choice, and they became separated from the front pack. After that, further unbunching and a search task did them in.

Something needs to be made clear here. Charla & Mirna took credit for doing in the mighty Rob & Amber because they were minutes ahead of them checking in at the mat. Other people believed them. In no other case has anyone said they were the ones responsible for another team's elimination by being next to last, because it's ridiculous. Charla & Mirna didn't do anything to actively put them out but run. It was enough to seal their fate, but it was a long chain of events over the whole day that got them there.

Winning the first three legs. Amber's jubilation at winning more prizes. Philosophical arguments between them over Rob's gameplay style. Telling Charla & Mirna "Got it!" when they ran back up the wrong path toward the right one, bragging to the teams gathered at the end of it about how they fooled Charla & Mirna, and Amber's deadpan explanation of what she meant.
Again, I hate to say it, but yes, they did deserve to be there. They may not have brought their A game to Tierra del Fuego, but they know not only how to play the game, but how to play the other players.

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