Teri & Ian
Teri & Ian
Team Senior Momentum
Miami vice cop, retired, and his wife, from Season 3. Now that Ian is no longer trying to quit cigarettes, he's behaving much more nicely to Teri. Yes, they're still wearing paper underwear.

Teri's had work done to go with Ian's attitude adjustment.

Still retired.
Bad planning on the part of Race Central had teams flying from Mozambique to Tanzania, and the low number of flights, all of which were full or nearly full, gave teams a spread of two full days between first and last out of the Dar es Salaam airport. They manufactured some weather to keep the frontrunners from winning automatically, but could do little to help the teams in the back to catch up. Being slower at a puzzle made Teri & Ian last in this leg rather than next leg.
Teri falling out of their whitewater raft. Teri grousing about spending night after night in African airports.
Ian generated talk because he acted like an ass. Take that away, and there isn't much left. It was not an All-Star performance.

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