Uchenna & Joyce
Uchenna & Joyce
Team Ethnic Diversity
Married couple who had trouble conceiving a child from Season 7 (note: that's "from", not "during"). They're the only team in this race who won their first race, and thus had never felt the bitter sting of elimination.

They tried in vitro, and they still haven't had a child. Joyce shaved her head, they got dragged to a South African orphanage with a bright flashing neon arrow in front of it, and through all that, they said they were still back to where they were. On the other hand, they didn't behave as though they had these great marital problems looming over their heads....

Truthfully, they have even less of a story to them now than they had before.
They took a gamble on a very tight connection and lost.
Smugly standing by Charla & Mirna on the mat in Tierra del Fuego. Smugly lecturing to Dustin & Kandice about the slave trade going to Zanzibar. Who died and made them morally superior?
On the leg where they were eliminated, we forgot completely about them until they were shown getting off the plane after everyone else had checked in. That should tell you something.

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