Episode 8: I'm Not a Miner. No, You're an Idiot!
22° 14' N 114° 09' E

Take a sampan to land. Then take a bus to Repulse Bay and find the largest statue of Tien-Hou, the goddess of the sea. Hours of operation: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. You have $100 for this leg of the race.

 's Tara told Chris & Alex that they planned to go for the Fast Forward this leg. Wil chews Tara out for sharing information again. He vacillates between going for it and not going for it.

Climb the steps of the Po Lin Temple to the Buddha at the top.

22° 14' N 114° 12' E

The Murray House is one of the oldest examples of Western architecture in Hong Kong. Find it, and you'll find your next clue waiting in front.

22° 13' N 114° 13' E
Paddle a dragon boat along a marked course 600 m in the water. It is designed for a crew of 12.


Carry a ceremonial lion over your heads along a course 2400 m on land. It is designed for 2 people.


There's no opera house in Hong Kong, so make your way to the steps of the Opera House in Sydney, Australia.
 go to another 5-star hotel and ask for a recommendation for a travel agency. The travel agency tells them that it will take an hour to get the arrangements made. They decide to go shopping at Starbucks and a fancy mall. When they return, they get tickets, they also get driven to the airport in a black Mercedes.
 The other teams scramble at the airport for tickets.
 arrive at the Sydney airport with a 35-minute lead.
33° 51' S 151° 13' E

That person should speak good Australian.

Go on a walking tour of Sydney. Your clues are written in Australian slang. This Roadblock is not over until you receive a clue telling you to return to your partner.

Catch a bus to Martin Place. When you get there, check out the SURFIE [surfer] in the LAIRY [loud, colourful] DAKS [shorts] and say, "G'day mate," to get your next clue.
 's Blake and  's Wil come back after completing this clue.
Make your way to Argess Plaza in Hyde Park in and find a true blue ANKLE BITER [little kid] for your next clue.
Find Captain Cook in Hyde Park in and find the SHEILA [woman] in the AUSSIE [Australian] COZZIE [swimming costume] and tell her you want "the good oil" to receive your next clue.
Go to the Circular Quay and find the BUSHIE [person from the bush, country person].
Return to your partner and check in at the Pit Stop, the rooftop of the Museum of Contemporary Art.
 's Blake and  's Wil do the whole thing over without Paige and Tara.
33° 52' S 151° 13' E
  1st place 8:26 am
Caribbean cruise
4th place 9:59 pm (+ 1:33)
2nd place 9:10 pm (+ 0:44)
  5th place 10:06 (+ 1:40)
Non-Elimination Leg
3rd place 9:19 pm (+ 0:53)  

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