Episode 1: Tears of a Clown
34° 39' N 120° 05' W

Search the vineyard fields to find a hot-air balloon whose basket contains a clue. There are 100 balloons, but only 11 clues.

 , the last team to find a clue, finish the task after 1 h 45 min.
Fly to Santa Barbara. [...Argentina, through Buenos Aires.] You have folding money for this leg of the race.
First local flight
Buenos Aires to Salta


Second local flight
2 h 30 min later


 's car won't start getting out of Salta Airport. They get it moving, but they fall to last.
23° 36' S 65° 04' W

Make your way to Aerodromo Gilberto Lavaque in Cafayete and search for your next clue.

26° 04' S 65° 56' W

Who's got a good sense of direction?

Find your partner who will be at the X on the provided map. The non-participating partner will get there by doing a tandem skydive. Once again, the other partner will skydive.

JJ has a fear of heights, so Art took the Roadblock. This didn't work.
Stacy, ditto.
 Art and Dave team up in an "inter-agency coordination" to find the X.
Danny can't drive stick, so he has trouble getting going. And then he gets lost.
Maiya gets stuck in the sand on the side of the road. They fall to last.
Drive yourselves to Patios de Cafayate and search the grounds for your next clue.
26° 04' S 65° 58' W

Compete in an empanada contest. [But not really.] Make 120 empanadas — 60 meat and 60 cheese. [Hopefully it won't take you long to notice that each one has a distinct method of folding the edges together so people know what's inside by sight.]

Bopper calls them "piñatas". Mark tries to correct him, but he can't get through the whole word.
Search the grounds for the next Pit Stop...
have left their bags in the car and have to go back for them.
run into the field where the Pit Stop is, look around, and run back out again.
26° 04' S 65° 58' W
 1st place 2:46 pm
Express Pass
7th place 5:23 pm (+ 2:37)
2nd place 2:48 pm (+ 0:02) 8th place 5:27 pm (+ 2:41)
3rd place 2:49 pm (+ 0:03) 9th place 5:29 pm (+ 2:43)
4th place 3:21 pm (+ 0:35) 10th place 5:35 pm (+ 2:49)
5th place 3:31 pm (+ 0:45)
 11th place
6th place 4:21 pm (+ 1:35)