Episode 3: Bust Me Right in the Head With It
34° 35' S 58° 23' W

Fly to el Corazon de America, Paraguay. Once you land in Asunción, travel by taxi to Metalurgica Punta de Rieles and search for your next clue. (The only way in is over some playground slides.) You have $200 for this leg of the race.

  find out about the earliest flight, but it's mostly full. They get themselves on standby.
 stay in character by telling everyone else about that flight.
  get on and are told that they're the only ones to get the flight.
First flight
8:45 am


Second flight
10:40 am


25° 18' S 57° 34' W
Form a 10 × 10 pyramid out of watermelons. If it collapses, you'll have to start over.


The harp is the national instrument of Paraguay. String one properly; there are 36 strings.


 see Bopper & Mark coming out of the fruit market as they get there. They ask if it's hard and hear that it'll be easy, it only took two hours.
 take Kerri & Stacy's cab after they go inside.
 see collapsed watermelon pyramids galore and immediately want to switch, but now they have no cab.
Make your way to Plaza de la Democracía.
25° 17' S 57° 38' W

Who's ready to use their head?

Perform a choreographed dance while balancing a bottle on your head, closing with you lying on your stomach. You have a table-ful of 50 bottles. If you smash them all, you'll have to skip this challenge and you'll be assessed a 2-hour penalty.

Make your way on foot to the next Pit Stop...
25° 17' S 57° 38' W
 1st place 5:10 pm
Trip for 2 to the Bahamas
5th place 10:09 pm (+ 4:59)
 Arrived 2nd 8:09 pm
Did not complete RoadBlock + 2:00
6th place 10:10 pm (+ 5:00)
2nd place 9:59 pm (+ 4:49) 7th place 10:45 pm (+ 5:35)
3rd place 10:00 pm (+ 4:50) 8th place 12:15 pm (+ 7:05)
4th place 10:08 pm (+ 4:58)
 9th place
 Phil points out that Rachel & Dave managed to fail to do a single task during this leg, and somehow they're still in the Race.