Episode 4: Taste Your Salami
25° 17' S 57° 38' W

Fly to Turin, Italy. Once there, choose a car and drive to the Ligotto Building. [It's kind of like a parking garage; run up to the top.] You have all your euros minus 2 cents for this leg of the race. Don't worry, you'll see.

 go to the airport rather than a travel agency.
 advise them to go back.
 are the only ones not on the first flight out. They get delayed by 1:15.
 ask for directions to the "Linguito Building".

Land a helicopter on a helipad [model that's attached to the helmet on your partner's head].

45° 02' N 7° 40' E

[Who's got that sinking feeling?]

Rappel back down to the first floor of the building. Grab the clue on the way down within 2 minutes, or else you'll have to run back up and do it again.

Drive yourselves to the Muzeo Nazionale dell'Automobile and find the Tin Lizzie to receive your next clue.
45° 02' N 7° 40' E

Search for your next clue at the top of the elevator.

 don't figure out that the building on the coin is in town.
45° 04' N 7° 42' E
Learn how to clean a marble statue properly, then do it.


Learn about 14 salamis, and go to a nearby square and identify them.


Make your way to the next Pit Stop....
45° 04' N 7° 41' E
 1st place 8:57 am
5th place 12:56 pm (+ 3:59)
2nd place 11:33 am (+ 2:36) 6th place 1:18 pm (+ 4:21)
3rd place 12:11 pm (+ 3:14) 7th place 3:58 pm (+ 7:01)
4th place 12:27 pm (+ 3:30)
 8th place 5:54 pm (+ 8:57)
Will encounter Speed Bump
 offer to split their prize money with Bopper & Mark to help with Bopper's daughter's medical costs.