Episode 5: Uglier Than a Mud Rail Fence
45° 04' N 7° 41' E

Make your way to the oldest state in Germany, Bavaria! Travel by train to Ehrwald, Austria. Drive yourselves over the border. Find the restaurant Gasthof zum Rassen, and search for the standard gnome. You have enough for a nice sandwich on the train for this leg of the race.

   bunch at the restaurant before it opens.
 The other teams bunch at the train station in Innsbruck en route to Ehrwald.
 get lost.
 Rachel thinks they're in "Bolivia".
47° 30' N 11° 07' E

Learn to yodel, and yodel a specific tune to your teacher's specifications.

47° 30' N 11° 07' E
Collect pieces of gingerbread along a trail. Use the pieces to build the roof to a gingerbread house.


Choose a bearded male. Style his beard to match his championship beard from a picture to receive your next clue.


Find the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty's castle. Search for Ludwig's bedroom to find your next clue.
  go to nearby Hohenschwangau Castle instead. They wait to join a tour.
  also go to nearby Hohenschwangau Castle instead, but they figure it out before needing to take the tour.
 Bopper gets seriously winded climbing up to his second hilltop castle in a row.
47° 33' N 10° 45' E

Drive yourself to the town of Füssen and search for the Bundesleistungszentrum für Eishockey und Curling. Once there, make your way to Halle 2 (BLZ 2).

47° 34' N 10° 41' E

Who's ready to put it on ice?

Slide a gnome across the ice and into the central circle in the house of a curling end, a sport called Eisstockschießen.

 Kerri takes 70 turns or more to hit the target.
 Nary takes 180 turns or more to hit the target.
Make your way to the next Pit Stop...
 get lost.
47° 34' N 10° 43' E
 1st place 8:48 pm
Trip for 2 to Thailand
5th place 11:17 pm (+ 2:29)
2nd place 9:17 pm (+ 0:29) 6th place 11:41 pm (+ 2:53)
3rd place 9:19 pm (+ 0:31) 7th place 11:42 pm (+ 2:54)
4th place 10:57 pm (+ 2:09)
 8th place