Episode 6: This Is Wicked Strange
47° 34' N 10° 43' E

Fly to the land of fire, Azerbaijan. Fly to Baku; once there, make your way to Temple Ateshgah. You have $167 for this leg of the race.

 All teams bunch on the flight, and again at the temple, which has a fire celebration for the teams until sunrise.

Unload 150 hay bales and stack them like the model.

 Dave keeps throwing hay bales down onto Rachel and the pile, and does it faster than Rachel can stack them.
40° 25' N 50° 01' E

Make your way to Occupational Training International and search for your next clue.

40° 27' N 49° 40' E

What goes down must come up.

After going underwater in a crash simulator and capsizing so that you're upside down, escape through a window of the simulator and swim to a raft to retrieve your next clue.

Make your way to Togrul Karabagh Carpet Shop in Old Town Baku and search for your next clue. [The clues are not hard to find: they're sticking up prominently out of rolled up carpets at eye level.]
 spend waaaaaaay too long trying to find their clue.
40° 22' N 49° 50' E
Search a car full of apples to find one with race-flag leaves.


Use metal scrapers to get the crude oil off a spa client, then sponge him clean.


Make your way to the next Pit Stop...
40° 22' N 49° 51' E
 1st place 9:15 am
Two new cars
5th place 11:32 am (+ 2:17)
2nd place 10:45 am (+ 1:30) 6th place 11:35 am (+ 2:20)
3rd place 10:55 am (+ 1:40)
 7th place
4th place 10:56 am (+ 1:41)  
 call their second-place finish a win because of the Fast Forward.