Episode 7: I Didn't Make Her Cry
40° 22' N 49° 51' E

Fly to the gateway of Africa's wildlife heritage, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Once there, make your way to Arusa Airstrip, and sign up for a charter flight to the Ngorongoro crater. You have a mere pittance for this leg of the race.

 complain about Brendon & Rachel following them at the travel agency, as though there would be another travel agency open in the middle of the night in Azerbaijan, or that they'd get a different answer from the agent when inquiring about flights to Tanzania.
  get into a major confrontation in the airport.
 's deception gets revealed after they asked what kind of "UC ops" Art & JJ do in the border patrol.
 confront Nary & Jamie and ask who they work for.
 "We're kindergarten teachers."
9:30 am


9:45 am


10:00 am


 fly over a herd of wildebeest and call them "tigers".
3° 30' S 36° 25' E

Choose a vehicle and driver. Navigate yourselves to the western rim of Ngorongoro Crater. Find a Masai warrior there to receive your next clue.

3° 10' S 35° 32' E

Choose two bikes and ride down to the village of Soneto. Then:

Each team member must break a rotating clay target with a Masai weapon called a rungu.


Join a Masai courtship ritual by jumping for 1 full minute. That's all.


 tip Bopper & Mark off to the much easier Detour option.
 fall way behind when Vanessa gets a bike that's set up for a much taller person, and she keeps crashing.
Direct your driver to the Simba-A Campsites.
 go on ahead of Brendon & Rachel.
 stop to ask if they're going the right way, and they're told that they need to turn back. They arrive ahead of Art & JJ.
3° 14' N 35° 29' E

Erect a full campsite complete with a tent with a metal frame, made beds and a bush shower. When your campsite is approved, Direct your driver to the next Pit Stop...

 fall behind because they're both under 6 feet and struggle to assemble their frame.
3° 13' N 35° 29' E
 1st place 6:03 pm
Trip for 2 to Costa Rica
4th place 6:48 pm (+ 0:45)
2nd place 6:05 pm (+ 0:02) 5th place 7:18 pm (+ 1:15)
3rd place 6:23 pm (+ 0:20)
 6th place 9:21 pm (+ 3:18)
Will encounter Speed Bump
 say they are going to limit their involvement in rifts between teams.