Episode 8: Let Them Drink Their Haterade
3° 13' N 35° 29' E

Take a drive through Africa's Garden of Eden. Direct your driver through the Ngorongoro Crater to Safari Junction. Once there, Search the roadside for Hillary Clington. Warning: Double U-Turn Ahead. You have lingering resentment for this leg of the race.

 Bopper injured his knee during the last leg.
  agreed in Bavaria to U-Turn Brendon & Rachel when they got the chance.
3° 20' S 35° 40' E
Pick up 9 empty water containers from a home and stand in line to get them filled at the local well. Transport them all back receive your next clue.


Remove the inner tube from a bicycle with a flat tire without removing the wheel. Use water to locate the puncture, patch it and put it back together.


sent back courtesy of .
sent back courtesy of .
 don't U-Turn Brendon & Rachel because Nary & Jamie are two hours behind.
 assume they must be ahead of Dave & Rachel since no one's been U-Turned by the time they get there. Their plan would have been to have Dave & Rachel U-Turn Brendon & Rachel, while Art & JJ would then U-Turn Nary & Jamie... thus undoing anything that could have been gained from U-Turning Brendon & Rachel.
Make your way on foot the the Jack Stelzer pub in Karatu. Caution: Double U-Turn ahead!
 direct Nary & Jamie to the pub.
3° 20' S 35° 40' E

Make your way to The Gem Gallery & Arts and search for your next clue.

 get a flat tire.
3° 20' S 35° 40' E

Set up an art stand identical to the one in the picture.

3° 20' S 35° 40' E

Make your way to the town of Mto Wa Mbu and find Margaret's Farm.

3° 24' S 35° 51' E

To bee or not to bee?

Put on protective gear and harvest 500 g of honeycomb.

Make your way to on foot to the next Pit Stop...
3° 24' S 35° 51' E
 1st place 9:06 am
Trip for 2 to Hawaii
4th place 11:55 am (+ 2:49)
2nd place 9:07 am (+ 0:01) 5th place 1:31 pm (+ 3:25)
3rd place 9:32 pm (+ 0:26)
 6th place