Episode 9: Bollywood Travolta
3° 24' S 35° 51' E

Make your way to India. Fly to Cochin and once there make your way to Rajiv Gandhi Municipal Bus Terminal. Then take a bus to Sacred Heart College in Thevara. You have 30 backup dancers for this leg of the race.

 Bopper's knee is getting worse, but with a knee brace he's cleared to continue.
 research flights and manage to get a slightly better flight that the rest of the group... by a small handful of minutes. All teams bunch in the Kochi airport.
 are last to get to the bus station. Mark gets sick on the bus again.
9° 56' N 76° 18' E

Who's got all the right moves?

Learn a Bollywood dance routine. When the head choreographer approves your performance, you'll receive your next clue.

 Mark is suffering heat exhaustion but the wants to press on, while Bopper is trying to convince Mark to take the penalty to preserve his health. After 11 attempts (the last of which gets all the way to the finish), Mark finally relents and says he's ready to go home. After one final talk with the choreographer who's been working with him, he decides to try once more. He gets approved.
Take an autorickshaw to Indian Coffee House near ??? Park. Find the head waiter to receive your next clue.
9° 58' N 76° 17' E

[This location is much more of a guess than usual. Indian Coffee House is a chain, it seems, and this location seems to fit the criteria the best. --djr]

Each of you must hit one ball past a pro team over the boundary around your pitch.


Each of you must learn to drive an autorickshaw and complete a training course.


Make your way to the next Pit Stop...
9° 59' N 76° 16' E
 1st place 6:53 pm
Trip for 2 to St. Lucia
4th place 7:32 pm (+ 0:39)
2nd place 7:20 pm (+ 0:27)
 5th place 10:38 pm (+ 3:45)
Will encounter Speed Bump
3rd place 7:28 pm (+ 0:35)