Episode 10: I Need Hair to Be Pretty
9° 59' N 76° 16' E

Make your way to Daiva Vili Bhagvathi Kshetram in the town of Chandiroor. As a sign of respect, before approaching the head priest you must remove your shoes. You have $25 for this leg of the race.

 Mark was suffering from heat stroke, but he's well hydrated and cleared to go.
9° 52' N 76° 18' E

Paint a tiger on the belly of a Puli Kali dancer.

9° 52' N 76° 18' E

Engage in a traditional Indian good luck ritual! Make your way to Mutharaman Devastanam and search for a priest. (It's a traditional Fast Forward, too: get your heads shaved.)

 "...a traditional Indian good luck roulette..."
9° 52' N 76° 18' E

Make your way to Pattancaud Coir Mats and Matting.

9° 44' N 76° 19' E

Who's at the end of their rope?

Spin 40 ft of rope from coconut husks, then wind the rope onto a reel.

 discover that Brendon & Rachel didn't take the Fast Forward. JJ gets pissed off and tries a mind game on Rachel to try to convince her to go do it.
Make your way to Fort Kochi and look for a barber working under an ancient tree.
 Vanessa takes a really bad spill, injuring her ankle.
9° 58' N 76° 17' E
Decorate an elephant with harness and bells. Then transfer 15 wheelbarrow-fuls of elephant manure to a truck.


Sift dry ginger and fill 10 crates with it. Seal them, stencil a label on them, and transport them on a cart.

 pass the time at the ginger task mocking Rachel and Dave.
Take a ferry to the next Pit Stop...
 pay the ferryman to leave early, cutting off Vanessa & Ralph and Brendon & Rachel.
9° 58' N 76° 15' E
 1st place
4th place
2nd place
 5th place
3rd place  

 Vanessa accuses Brendon & Rachel of cheating by skipping from 3 to 7 in their verbal count of wheelbarrows, assuming the producers would just trust them to keep count for themselves, and that she can count better than the people who were watching them do the task and had the footage to back it up.