Episode 11: It's a Great Place to Become Millionaires
9° 58' N 76° 15' E

Fly to Hiroshima, Japan. Once there, find the torii on Miyajima Island. You have to participate in this season's Emmy moment for this leg of the race.

 All teams bunch on the same flight to Japan.
 have trouble buying tickets at the machines at the airport. They miss the bus that everyone else gets on. Because of this, they ask bus passengers about how to use the machines. They catch up to the other teams who are having trouble buying the train tickets.
 get left behind by themselves one train behind. This means they miss the last ferry of the night.
Your clue arrives with the Rising Sun.
34° 18' N 132° 19' E

Make your way to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. Find the Atomic Bomb Dome.

34° 24' N 132° 27' E

Travel by bullet train to the city of Osaka. Once there, make your way to TV 8 Studio's old building.

34° 42' N 135° 31' E

Who wants to Bring Home the Chicken?

Grab three rubber chickens above a treadmill and get to the other side. (Note: Because of balancing, Brendon and Vanessa must do this RoadBlock.)

 Vanessa is forced to run on her badly sprained ankle. She falls several times. She and Ralph discuss taking the penalty but Vanessa doesn't want to. In the end, she powers through.
Find Umeda Sky Tower's Floating Garden Observatory.
34° 42' N 135° 29' E
Play sushi bingo: identify pieces of sushi that the caller names from the belt. When you have five in a row, get your card checked and eat the five winning pieces of sushi.


Convince trios of locals to pose behind cutouts of sumo wrestlers and take their picture. Turn in ten photos of different people to receive your next clue.

make your way to the next Pit Stop...
34° 41' N 135° 32' E
 1st place 4:15 pm
Trip for 2 to New Zealand
3rd place 5:05 pm (+ 0:50)
2nd place 4:47 pm (+ 0:32)
 4th place

34° 41' N 135° 32' E

Fly to your final destination: the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Once there, find twins Mauka and Makai who face the ocean. You have your taxi driver's puzzled expression for this leg of the race.

 All teams bunch on the same flight to Honolulu.
 pull a Big Brother and try to follow Rachel & Dave when they can't solve the clue, but they lose their cab. They get directed to a pair of statues.
 ask people at the airport before getting into their cab, and arrive shortly after Rachel & Dave.
21° 18' N 157° 52' W

Ascend to the roof 45 stories up and search for your next destination. Then forward-rappel back to the ground.

21° 18' N 157° 52' W

[Who's ready to wield a sword?]

Shave enough ice using a samurai sword to fill a bucket.

Make your way on foot to one of the helicopters waiting in the outfield.
 take a cab, and the cabbie takes them to Aloha Stadium (since there's no way they're being asked to be driven to the park across the street...).
21° 36' N 158° 07' W

Become North Shore lifeguards. One of you must drive a waverunner, and the others ride a sled behind the waverunner, and rescues a "drowning victim".

Make your way to the Coral Kingdom Gate and follow the marked path.
 find the dock with the paddleboards to the Finish Line before finding the marked path. Phil turns them away to figure out what they did wrong.
21° 31' N 157° 50' W

If your partner did the previous RoadBlock, you must do this one.

Choose a sled and oil it. Go down the hill past the line. Then roll a Hawaiian weapon into a goal.

 Art tries almost a dozen times to balance on the sled going down the hill.
 Rachel does it on the second try.
Make your way to the Finish Line! Cross the water on paddle surfboards. Go, go, go!!!!!
21° 31' N 157° 50' W
 Arrived first
Did not complete RoadBlock
2nd place
 1st place
3rd place