Episode 1: A Little Too Much Beefcake
33° 59' N 118° 28' W

Take a cab to Mother's Beach. Race water bikes to get the one and only early plane ticket.

 's water bike breaks.
Fly to Rio de Janeiro. Once there, make your way to the Lagoa Helipad. Take a number for a helicopter ride.
First flight

Second flight
Leaves 30 minutes later


 All teams land at the same time.
22° 58' S 43° 13' W

Make your way to the Clubo São Coronado to soar above Rio. Hanggliding is weather-dependent.

 have to wait because of high winds. Eventually they're told that it's just not happening today. They'd already gone through most of their money in cab fare.
22° 58' S 43° 13' W

Be ready to answer a question afterwards.

 try to research the question.
Identify the landmark you flew by [Christ the Redeemer].
22° 58' S 43° 13' W

Make your way to Copacabana Beach, and choose...

 Rick bosses Cindy around.
 get dropped off at "the beach", which is miles long. They're a long way from their clue.
Play footvolley against locals. You may use your hands. They can't. Score 6 points before they score 18.


Complete a sliding block puzzle matching the iconic pavement along Copacabana Beach.


 take 3 h 45 m, and still haven't finished. Phil has to come and get them.
Make your way to the next Pit Stop.
 are told that it's walking distance.
 take a cab.
22° 59' S 43° 11' W
  1st place 9:40 am
The Express Pass!
7th place
2nd place 9:44 am (+ 0:04) 8th place
3rd place 9:48 am (+ 0:08) 9th place
4th place 9:56 am (+ 0:16) 10th place
5th place
 11th place
6th place  
 Tanner & Josh are told that they must give the Express Pass away to another team after they use it.