Episode 2: Get in There and Think Like a Dog
22° 59' S 43° 11' W

Fly to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Once there, search for the your next clue at the church where Pope Francis was baptized.

 finally get to meet the other teams, since teams are released in the morning, and the next flight is at 8:25 pm.
 research the clue.
   do their research together. They promise not to share.
 overhear them and ask for the address, because Express Pass.
 Chris denies ever hearing about any no-share agreement.
34° 37' S 58° 25' W

Hours of operation: open at 7:30. Take a number for tomorrow.

34° 37' S 58° 25' W
 start fighting.
Pick up 100 kg of cardboard from recycling bins across the neighbourhood. Limit of eight teams.


Transport a statue across town: one of you in the cab of the truck, and one in the back. If the statue survives the trip, you'll receive your next clue.

 have to wait for one of the other teams to finish.
 says, "Get in there and dig like a dog."
 knock over a motorcycle with their cart.
Make your way to Calle Bartolomé Mitre.
34° 37' S 58° 26' W

Who wants to get sideways?

Learn a tango routine, part of which will have you suspended from cables and dancing on the wall.

Make your way to your next Pit Stop, the cathedral of polo.
 start running for a cab. Jazmine doesn't give Danielle time to put her shoes back on.
 pulls his hamstring running to the mat.
34° 34' S 58° 26' W
 1st place 5:45 am
Trip for 2 to Morocco
6th place 6:28 am (+ 0:43)
2nd place 6:12 am (+ 0:27) 7th place 6:30 am (+ 0:45)
3rd place 6:13 am (+ 0:28) 8th place 6:53 am (+ 1:08)
4th place 6:14 am (+ 0:29) 9th place 7:16 am (+ 1:31)
5th place 6:21 am (+ 0:36)
 10th place