Episode 3: Where My Dogs At?
34° 34' S 58° 26' W

Travel by bus to San Antonio de Areco, Argentina. Once there, catch a ride to your next clue.

 get a great cab and catch up to the lead teams.
 offer the Express Pass to whoever U-Turns Justin & Diana, who have gotten on their nerves.
First bus


Second bus


Third bus

34° 15' S 59° 24' W

Who's smokin' hot?

Hang meat on racks around a fire, matching the provided model.

 Justin's meat keeps getting rejected.
 Denise advises James Earl on this task.
Pick up a roasted lamb and deliver it to the judges at the Plaza Principal.
34° 15' S 59° 28' W
Take a polo mallet. Get into polo gear, then fit out a (plaster) horse with its proper gear, get judged then drag it back to the plaza. Six teams only.


Take a buggy whip. Outfit a carriage, then bring it up the road to the horses and hook it up to a team. You'll be driven back to the plaza. Six teams only.


 Don't take a buggy whip.
 leave their buggy whip behind.
 wander into a construction site.
 follow them.
Make your way on foot to the next Pit Stop...
34° 14' S 59° 29' W
  1st place 3:47 pm
Trip for 2 to Cambodia
5th place 4:25 pm (+ 0:38)
2nd place 3:48 pm (+ 0:01) 6th place
3rd place 3:56 pm (+ 0:09) 7th place
4th place 4:14 pm (+ 0:27) 8th place
 Arrived 5th
Partner helped in RoadBlock (+ 0:30)
 9th place