Episode 4: Good Old Fashioned Spit in the Face
34° 14' S 59° 29' W

Travel by bus back to Buenos Aires, then fly to Livingstone, Zambia. Once there, make your way to Mukuni Village for a traditional welcome [p-p-p-p-p-p-p-tui!]. Caution: Double U-Turn ahead!

 say they really want to be rid of Justin and Diana, and they hatch a plan to use up the Double U-Turn slot with the help of another team.
 say they're happy to help.
First flight


Second flight
15 minute later


17° 54' S 25° 56' E

Make your way to Batoka Aerodrome and search for your next clue.

17° 53' S 25° 51' E

Who wants to rise above the smoke that thunders?

Ride a microlight over Victoria Falls to spot your next clue [draped on the same bridge we visited in Season 1, Episode 1].

 use their Express Pass in a desperate attempt to get far enough ahead of Justin & Diana so that when the Detour shows up, they can U-Turn them.
 Jazmine spots the clue, lands, and then directs her cab over the border into Zimbabwe instead of the park in Zambia.
Make your way to Shoestrings [Backpacker Lodge] in Mosi-Oa-Tunya[, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe].
 Once there, teams find out they'll be staying the night, and checking out at fixed times in the morning.
Check out at 8:00


Check out at 8:10


Check out at 8:20


Check out at 8:30


 Justin interviews about how foolish it is to use a U-Turn that way, when it's not likely to put them out of the game, and he does so in front of Joey. He offers Joey an alliance.
 Joey accepts.
 promise Justin & Diana not to U-Turn them (this leg).
17° 56' S 25° 50' E
Finish a wooden carving of a giraffe by staining and polishing it.


Play croquet against a pro: get your ball through five hoops before he can.


Make your way to the next Pit Stop...
sent back courtesy of .
sent back courtesy of .
 U-Turn Justin & Diana, who were way ahead of them, in the vain hope of getting the Express Pass.
Make your way to the next Pit Stop. Make a donation when you get there.
17° 56' S 25° 50' E
 only give the orphanage $20 of the $175 they have. At least they do until they hear every other team donated all the money they were carrying.
  1st place
5th place
2nd place 6th place
3rd place 7th place
4th place 8th place
Pit Go! Keep Racing!
 Tanner & Josh are told that they must give the Express Pass away to another team right now. They elect to give it to Denise & James Earl. Denise & James Earl will have to use the Express Pass during the next leg.