Episode 5: King of the Jungle
17° 56' S 25° 50' E

Make your way to the Lookout Cafe and search for your next clue. You have $65 for this leg of the race.

 believe the non-aggression pact with Tanner & Josh will last for the rest of the race.
17° 56' S 25° 51' W

Who wants to gorge themselves?

Just as in the very first Detour the race ever had, swing to the bottom of the Batoka Gorge.

 run to their cabs to be driven to... where they already are.
 follow them.
17° 56' S 25° 51' W
Feed 3 crocodiles raw meat from an underwater cage.


"Survive" a river crossing, then retrieve your clue from a vulture's nest.


 continue to berate themselves over their speeding away from the gorge. They talk themselves into and out of bailing on this task because of the lineup — only one team can do it at a time.
 are sure they can beat Justin & Diana just ahead of them.
 Justin is a rowing instructor.
 splash around and fall behind.

Make your way to the Lion Encounter at the Masuwe Safari Lodge.
18° 00' S 25° 49' E

Walk with the lions to hunt for your next clue [hidden somewhere on the route].

 are required to change out of their bright pink, delicious outfits before they can walk with the lions.
 wander into the Pit Stop task first. Then they go back and miss all the clues on the walk because they're discussing how they keep making small mistakes.
Make your way to the next Pit Stop. When you get there, carry a basket of fruit each on your heads. Drop too many, and you'll have to go back to replace it.
  keep dropping fruit.
18° 00' S 25° 49' E
  1st place 5:40 am
Trip for 2 to Slovakia
5th place
2nd place 5:50 am (+ 0:10) 6th place
3rd place 6:00 am (+ 0:20) 7th place
4th place
 8th place